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The Wolf's Den

Musings of a new novelist

Richard C. White
12 July
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A newcomer to the world of writing SF/F (hey, I figure I might as well use that degree in Medieval History for something, right?). Currently doing media tie-in work while I finish polishing off some original work and dip my toes into finding an agent/publisher/hordes of adoring fans.

My professional credits include the novel, Gauntlet Dark Legacy: Paths of Evil, the novella, Echoes of Coventry for the Starfleet Corps of Engineers series (reprinted in What's Past for the Corps of Engineers anthology), and the short stories, Assault on Avengers Mansion, co-written with Steven A. Roman for the Ultimate Hulk Anthology, Redshift in The Sky's the Limit, the 2007 Star Trek anthology and The Price of Conviction in Doctor Who: Short Trips - The Qualities of Leadership.

Currently I'm working on several original projects I hope to sell one of these centuries.

I'm currently doing a monthly column called Terra Incognito for Musa Publishing's e-magazine Penumbra.

I also wrote and self-published two comics, Troubleshooters Incorporated and Chronicles of the Sea Dragon.

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