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And it's official

Tonight was a little different for me. I was inducted into Phi Theta Kappa this evening, with 23 others at Howard Community College. Yep, when I graduate this spring, I get to wear the fancy gold stole along with the cap and gown. *grin*

Trust me, if you could see my transcript from the first time I went through college back in 77-82, you'd know why being inducted into an honor society would be different. It's not that I wasn't capable of doing better the first time, I was simply unmotivated. I could blame it on not being the right major and stuff like that, but in the end, it's I didn't put in the time and effort needed to really do well. It's amazing what going back to school 24 years later will do for your motivation. (That and the fact that being in the military did teach me a few things about self-discipline.)

It was a nice and fairly laid-back ceremony. The College President was the guest speaker and she made it interesting and kept it short. Visited with a few of the non-traditional students after the ceremony before heading home.

I'll be busy this weekend finishing two more projects for school and then I'll only have two left before the end of semester.

And maybe then I'll hear something about these writing projects.


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