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Phase Two complete

Got my story outline sent off to Marco yesterday and got a confirmation letter back today. Which is a good thing. The last time I tried to send him something, he couldn't open the attachment and I wound up having to embed the pitches into the body of the letter. Well, that might work for a few paragraphs, but a three page outline wasn't going to be so easily dealt with. *sigh* So, now, it's sit back, wait and gnaw a few fingernails.

Finished my sequel story for The Short Story class and submitted it tonight along with the last of the story journals I have to do for the class. All that's left is to finish the short story for the honors credit and prepare the final assignment and I'm done. I still have to do my take home final and the 8-10 page research paper for my Ethics in Literature class, but I've just about finished the research I need to do and should have the full first draft done by Friday.

Still waiting to hear back from the agent about my partial.
Yoda - "Patience, young padawan. Move at own speed agents do. Worrying leads to the dark side."
Me - "Quiet you wrinkled little muppet. I want answers and I want them . . . Hey, put down that light sabre! Can't you take a joke . . . " runs off at high rate of speed.

Anyway, as soon as the semester is over, it's back to working on something I want to (Troubleshooters, Sea Dragon, Rouge and Noir . . . something other than class work!)
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