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We've reached Round Two

I heard back from Marco Palmieri and he's blessed my pitch for the Star Trek Anthology for 2007. So, now I have to turn around a 2-3 page story outline (or synopsis depending on what you want to call it) by Monday. If that gets approved, then I should be in the Anthology, unless someone else's story just beats the pants off of mine for that last slot. No rest for the wicked, let me tell you.

Also, I've heard back from kradical and he liked my pitch (although much altered from the original) enough to pass it on to Big Finish Audio Productions and the BBC for approval.

Yes, that's right. I may be doing a Doctor Who short story. More details once I know what the details are. That's the wonderful world of licensed products. They may have changes they want made or they may cancel it completely. After all, they are the owners and the BBC takes its Doctor Who very seriously.

Still, I am seriously stoked about these opportunities, let me tell you. *grin*
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