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We did our peer reviews for The Short Story class last night. We had to read our first two pages out loud to the group for initial feedback and then we exchanged papers and read two of the stories in their entirety and filled out critique forms that have to be turned in with the final drafts. Also, we made some small editing/critiques on the papers if/when we saw something that might need to be addressed.

The initial responses for my sequel were positive. Also, we found out we can go beyond the four pages (but not excessively so). This is good because I thought my ending was a little weak since I ran up against the page limit and had to wrap up the story rather quickly. I'm waiting to get a response this weekend from the professor, who took copies home to give an in-depth critique.

After class, I put in the first season DVD of Doctor Who and watched "An Unearthly Child" as well as the pilot episode. There were quite a few changes in the way Hartnell played the Doctor in the the pilot than in the series. He was even more of a curmudgeon in the pilot and while I think it would have been harder to keep up that intensity throughout a series, I found myself liking that version better than the way he was portrayed in the first four episodes.

I'll be watching "The Daleks" and "The Edge of Destruction" over the next week (in between rewriting my sequel The Long Night After and doing the first draft of my research paper on In Cold Blood, which is due on Monday.

This semester can not end soon enough.
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