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It's all a matter of timing

An incident happened today I think deserves its own entry.

I was heading to the drug store in the government building where I work as a (insert insult of choice) government contractor. The hallway leading to the store is under construction and has been for a while. As I reached the area where the latest construction is taking place, there was a loud crash right behind me. I took one more step and turned around to see a guy pushing some debris off to the side.

Apparently, a section of ceiling tile and the metal supports that held it above my head (about 15' ceilings here) had let go just a split second after I walked beneath it. The guy said it hadn't missed me by more than two feet. If I had been five seconds slower reaching that spot, it likely would have clocked me pretty good.

The ironic part? I was going to the drug store to get aspirin for a headache.

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