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Election Day

One thing I swore to myself when I started this blog was my politics and my religion were my own business. I still believe that.

So, in the spirit of simply being an American and a Military Veteran, I'm encouraging everyone to go vote today. Support your candidates, vote your beliefs and maybe tone down the rhetoric and accusations and prejudice for a little while and try to understand why someone might not see things the way you do. I'm not saying give up your personal beliefs, I'm just saying, maybe the other guy/gal/Vulcan has a reason for believing the way they do also.

Discussion and debate are what this country needs.

Yelling, finger-pointing, name-calling and other juvenile behavior only encourages misunderstanding.

Besides, if you really believe in your point-of-view, what is the possible harm in discussing things rationally? Besides, finding out the other guy might not be so bad just because he disagrees with who you support for the 4th Ward, that is?

Go Vote!
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