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Catch-up week

Been a busy week, both at work and at home. Luckily, I think I've gotten some good stuff done over the past few days.

Been going back over the last few chapters of Harbinger again. Just some minor tweaks, but I'm going to go over the last two chapters with a fine tooth comb once again. I'm happy with it, but not satisfied with it. Not quite certain if that makes sense, but it's how I'm feeling right now. Hopefully, I'll finally get to the point that I can just set it down and walk away from it for a bit. At least, until I hear from the Agent yea, nay or maybe. . .

Spent some time talking to April tonight about Shattered Mirror. She's revising the prologue and Chapters 1 & 3 again. We discussed where we want the story to go for the next few chapters and decided we're going to rearrange the story a bit. We're swapping Chapters 1 & 2 and adding in another chapter to be #3. The current Chapter 3 will become #4 and we've plotted out #5 and #6. We also came up with an intriguing idea why the fae and cold iron get along so poorly as well as working some more on the mythology and the ground rules for both the realm of mortals and the realm of fey (some of it is based on mythology and legends, some of it is definitely out of our own imaginations). April suggested some ways to take it darker, but we're not going "quite" as dark as some people's YA Urban Fantasy stories. There's nothing wrong with their stories (Can't argue with a Nebula winner, now can we?), but that's just not our style of writing.

Finished the draft of my Fahrenheit 451 paper for class tomorrow night. Hopefully, wishweaver will have time to take a look at it tomorrow before class to catch any errors in syntax or logic before I turn this one in. Need to jump on my Catcher in the Rye paper since it's due next Monday night. Plus I have my mid-term exam coming up for the Short Story class next Thursday.

Did manage to take some time to go to the Maryland Renaissance Fair yesterday. Wasn't feeling all that well, but we'd been putting it off all season and since this was the last weekend, I couldn't exactly beg off now. Picked up new book from Page After Page called Codex Wallerstein, subtitled "A Medieval Fighting Book from the Fifteenth Century on the Longsword, Falchion, Dagger and Wrestling" by Grzegorz Zabinski. I haven't had time to peruse it in depth, but the few pages I've seen look quite interesting and there are copies of the original illustrations accompanying each different maneuver or technique.

Also, there was a group called Fight School demonstrating Broadsword, Bastard Sword, Sword and Shield, Rapier, Rapier and Main Gauche, Florentine with Rapier, Rapier and Target, Shortsword and Quarterstaff. While obviously choreographed, it was educational to see how the fighting techniques morphed from one to the other as they moved forward in time until the seventeenth century. I'd love to spend some more time visiting with them and seeing where they get their training and information from, but the next-to-last day of the Faire is probably a bad time to do so. I'm definitely making plans to try and spend some time with them next year though.

Oh yeah. The Chiefs won, so all is right with the world for another week. ;)
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