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Another exciting weekend draws to a close

Was very busy this weekend and got a number of things accomplished. Not necessarily very consequential things, but things anyway.

wishweaver had been down with a cold most of the week, but started feeling better on Friday afternoon. (Good timing, eh wot?) We hung around the house and did a little visiting with our Writing Group on line, but it was more of a meet and greet session than actually critiquing anything new. Right now, most of us are busy revising things rather than working on new stuff, so there's less impetus to post. Hopefully, we'll have some new stuff for the next time.

Saturday was mainly a shopping and visiting day. Wish took me to one of the local yarn stores where we picked out some yarn for a scarf she wants to make for me. She thought since I was going to be wearing it, I probably should get a say in what colors went into it. The yarn we picked out has a lot of black, red and dark blues in it. I could have chosen some more colorful yarn, but I wanted something that would go with the majority of the jackets I wear to work in the winter. Hard to go wrong with darker colors.

After having lunch, we hit the infamous Costco. Unfortunately, (or maybe fortunately,) their selection of office supplies was dismal. However, I did find a WD 500GB external hard drive for a bit over $200. While it's possible I could beat that price on-line somewhere, it was nice to know the cost of external hard drives are coming down. I want to move all my music an pictures off of my laptop's HD. Sure, I know the laptop has a pretty big hard drive itself, but still, after the disaster of 2005 when my hard drive was corrupted, I don't want to take any chances. All my writing is backed-up on flash drives, but I'd be happier if all my music and pictures were backed up somewhere too.

That evening, Wish and I went to the mall to do a little preliminary Christmas shopping. We gave each other some ideas about what we'd be interested in and also spotted some really cool things for the daughter-unit. As we were going past the Bose store, we laughed remembering when they used to have a 36" flat screen TV that they sold for $15,000. Now, we could pick up a 35" flat screen at Costco for under $1000 and a 65" for less than $3,000. There are advantages to not being an early-adopter.

Today was pretty much a hang around the house day. Our roommate, mollymorrison and her boyfriend were around most of the weekend. Watched some football . . . sigh . . . and then spent the evening doing my homework for Tuesday night. I'll be working on my Fahrenheit 451 paper in class tomorrow night, so I didn't see a point in rushing through a draft tonight. I know pretty much what I want to talk about and will slam out the rough draft in class.

I have been working on Harbinger most of this weekend. I've thought about the last few chapters and am revising them once again while I wait to hear back from the agent I submitted my synopsis and three to a few weeks ago. I like the minor changes I've made to the story here and now just need to finish polishing it and get back to work on something new. I'll probably spend about an hour working on some edits before I call it a night.

All right, back to work.
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