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Archon Day 4 and afterwards

Actually, the last day of the convention was the most relaxing for me. I packed out of the room, stored my stuff at the front desk and headed to the convention center. Ran into Haley Garwood and visited with her in the Dealer's room for a while before going around to find the were-guild . . . I mean, the presents for wishweaver and the daughter-unit. I picked up some nice tee-shirts (A Dragon reading books for Wish, a Cowthulu tee for my daughter and a "Girl Genius" shirt for myself). There was another tee I'm going to have to order from them (they were out of my size by Sunday). It's like those I (heart) something shirts except this one is black with red letters that says "I (Godzilla) Tokyo". What can I say, I'm a sucker for the big guy.

After a while, I ran into Les Haven, the pro coordinator, and he hooked me up with a ride out to the airport. Unfortunately, they were leaving at 2:30, so I had to cancel out of my only panel on Sunday. Probably just as well, I was starting to feel pretty brain-dead by that time after all the Saturday panels. Caught up with some friends and just hung around the con until about noon. Then it was back to the hotel to get my stuff, wait for my ride and watch some football.

Arrived at the airport so early that they wouldn't check my bags at the self-serve counter (no more than 5 hours ahead of your flight, in case you're wondering). So, after getting my boarding pass, I had to go stand in the regular line and they had to contact their supervisors to see if they'd let me check my bags that early. Luckily, they agreed to take it. My gate was only four from the security checkpoint and there was a sports bar next to it, so I hopped up on the bar stool and immediately wondered what the hell was going on . . . Arizona 14, KC 0? That had to be a misprint. No . . . once again, the Chiefs have decided that I need to die of a heart attack well before I reach 50. I must say, the final score made me very happy (Chiefs 23, Cardinals 20), but as wishweaver will tell you, I take my football a little too seriously for her taste.

After the game, found a place near an electrical plug and finished up my college homework while we were waiting for the plane to arrive. Once we reached altitude, I turned on the iPod and listened to Boston Blackie solving crimes and telling bad puns all the way back to D.C.

I probably should have taken Monday off too. I went into work and since we couldn't go to the client spaces to work, one of the people thought I should read the project requirements documents and the System Architecture Document (there's a reason it's called the SAD, people). OH, MY, GOODNESS. I was reading through these and I had to keep wondering "And this has WHAT to do with my position on the project?" It was a painful day and I wound up taking off early just to save my sanity.

At least class went well Monday night and I turned my Animal Farm paper in. I don't know what kind of grade I'm going to get on it, but at least the teacher liked the title of my paper.

Now, I'm doing some minor tweaks to the finished Harbinger manuscript and hoping to hear back from the Agent. Well, I'm really hoping the Agent will reply asking for the rest of the manuscript. Heck, I'm hoping I'll get positive request from all my currently submitted proposals and such, but that might be a tad optimistic.

Back to the grindstone.
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