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My newest obsession

With the cost of gas and the fact that my truck is pushing 16 years old (still only 156K on it, but the years do take their toll), I've been considering some alternative means of transportation. I've looked at the hybrids, I've looked at some sporty cars (which still get better gas mileage than my truck), but just recently, I've started thinking two wheels.

Well, today, I met the vehicle I'd love to get. I'm going to have to save up a bit and then look into the damage to my insurance before I make the plunge, but my goodness it's beautiful.

It's a Piaggio X9 Evolution 500. It's a touring scooter. 65+ mpg, but according to the Popular Mechanics review, it'll hit 110mph. So, I figure this is more than powerful enough to get me through the commute traffic, especially if I stick to the back roads. I doubt I'd ever take it on the Capital Beltway around D.C. but it's powerful enough to take out on the interstates. Guy I was talking to about it takes his from here in the Balto-DC complex out to the Shenandoah Valley and tours out there without any problems.

I want to check some more sites, read some more reviews, etc. For that kind of money, I want to be sure what I'm getting into. But, damn, that's a nice looking scooter.

I'm hoping to pick this up in Spring 2007.

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