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Well, got everything done on my list of things to do except finishing the scanning for Archon. I'll try to get that done Tuesday/Wednesday night and then have everything transferred to disc.

I'm having fun with the Animal Farm paper. Drawing in my earlier degree in History, my paper is tentatively titled "Some Are More Equal Than Others: A Look How Animal Farm Mirrors the Soviet Union of 1927-36". Yeah, I know it needs some work, but that tells you what the paper's about, at least. It's interesting seeing just how much of the book is from Orwell's imagination and how close to reality it really hit. The sad part is, when I tried to discuss my idea with the others in class, they had never heard of "The Five Year Plan", Trotsky or the Communist Manifesto. (shakes head sadly)
What do they teach kids in school these days. Even though I don't agree with the Manifesto (gee, that's a big surprise, White), I still feel it's an important document to read and study. Its influence on the Twentieth Century, and beyond, should not be overlooked or just written off.

I also knocked out my four response papers for The Short Story class on Tuesday/Thursday. We covered Twain's The Celebrated Frog of Calaveras County, Chekov's The Lady with the Dog, Jewett's The White Heron, and Maupassant's The Necklace. I enjoyed most of them. (Still not digging on the Russian Literature . . . but Chekov's writing was better than the first two.)

Time to do a quick scan of a couple of boards and call it an early night for once.

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