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The night after

Well, I took the night off last night to do some other maintenance stuff I've been putting off trying to get this synopsis off to the agent. sorerutenshi and mollymorrison helped me with scanning in part of my anime cel collection onto the computer. I managed to get 56 of my cels done last night but I have quite a bit more to go.

However, I noted the new scanner doesn't seem to scan small narrow pictures very well. It was cropping them at weird places or only scanning one of two images. I'm going to have to spend some time with the new scanner to see if there's a workaround for this. Highly frustrating.

Once I get them all scanned in, I need to put together a slide show for Archon (and other conventions) to talk about collecting and taking care of anime cels, how they're made, etc. I've done this small panel/coffeehouse about cels for a couple of years, but I hate having to haul my cels with me to conventions. Maybe I'm a bit paranoid, but why take chances? So, hopefully this year, I'll have them all scanned in and put on a disc. That way, either I can bring my laptop and show them in a coffeehouse setting (group around a table) or else the convention will provide A/V equipment and we'll project them in the panel room.

It was nice doing something other than writing for an evening. However, now I have to spend today and tomorrow finishing my college writing and then on Monday, back to the grindstone to touch up a couple of Harbinger spots and then get started on the next project.

(Oh yeah, spend a little time on e-Bay looking for some new cels . . . ;) )
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