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Creeping ever closer . . .

Heard back from two of my three beta's tonight. Got their comments, critiques and general thoughts and am much heartened by the input. Lots of very good suggested changes (probably accepted about 70% of them) and I think the first chapter is much stronger than it was a couple of nights ago.

That's the chapter that gave me fits because there's a reveal at the end of the chapter that I've had to dance around. They had some good suggestion on how to pull it off and I'm happier with the way it reads now.

My last beta (one of my college professors) promised her feedback by Wed Evening. I'll incorporate her suggestions, let it percolate overnight and come hell or high water, this synopsis and three are out of here on Friday.

Personally, I think writing the synopsis (even with an outline already in place) was harder than writing the frelling novel.

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