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Just a quick note

Editing continues.

Doldrums are setting in. I want to get this done, but I want it done right, so it's slow going, searching for those unnecessary words, verb tenses, etc. That and working on the infamous "show, don't tell".

One thing I'm trying with Harbinger is using an old comic trick. Where it feels like I'm using too much exposition to push the story along, telling what the character is doing and why, I'm adding more "thought balloons". Let Raven explain what she's doing and why, as she's doing it. Don't pull the camera back for a wide shot as we see her do X, Y and Z. Move in tight and see it through her eyes, without shifting from 3rd limited to 1st person. Besides, if she's anything like me, (and since I'm her author, so she probably is), she has a habit of talking to herself when she gets nervous. Sometimes out loud, mostly inside her head, but by talking to herself, she helps reason out what to do before she does it.

So far, the feedback I've gotten on these types of scenes from my writing group has been pretty positive. Makes the scenes more "intimate" is one comment I got, which is good. That's what I'm going for.

I did (finally) finish Chapter 20. Even with the edits, it's still a whomping 4786 words long. I cut 354 words out of the chapter. I think if I'm remembering correctly, this was the second longest chapter in the book. I'm about halfway through Chapter 21, but I think I'm stopping for the night. I do need to add in a scene in this chapter that isn't there now, so I'm probably going to lose a little ground on my trimming of words, but there's still 7 chapters to go after this one.

7 days 23 hours to go on the self-imposed deadline to finish Harbinger and then off to Dragon*Con to relax. I'm counting up all the people I owe drinks to here (Tracy Hickman, Tee Morris, kradical, terri_osborne, and probably several others I'm forgetting. Normally, I don't think of a convention as a place to "relax", but after this month I think it's going to be a very enjoyable weekend.

Current Harbinger final draft status:
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
70,476 / 100,000
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