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Editing and Sleeping

Benadryl is a great thing to have when you have an allergic reaction. I had a small reaction to something I ate this weekend, and started slamming my medicine as soon as I felt the first tinglings in my lips. Well, it stopped the swelling and they've returned to normal.

That's the good part.

The bad part is, Benadryl makes me drowsy. I didn't exactly fall asleep, but I was woozy most of the weekend. So, I've been typing in the morning and taking the paper pages up with me at night to try and red-line before I passed out. Seems to be working so far. I'm only about half a day behind on Harbinger, with this evening still to go.

Chapter Eighteen wound up taking more editing than I anticipated. Only cut 209 words from the document, but that's misleading. There's a large chunk of the chapter that's not there anymore. Trouble is, I filled it in with other information I think moved the story better. Chapter Nineteen fared slightly better, but it lost 550 words, coming in a a svelte 3811 words. Nice little fight scene to end the chapter winding up with one of the bad guys spearing himself on Raven's sword. A fitting end for a most unpleasant person. Unfortunately, he's not the warrior Raven's going to have to face towards the climax. He was smart enough to let one of the others fight her while he stood off to the side and observed her fighting style. (I love a ruthless villain.)

Yes, I'm having fun with this story.

Oh, yes, I did get my self-assessment written yesterday. Not the strongest piece of writing I've ever done, but I didn't really do much last year on the first contract and I just started my current contract in May. It's tough to get meaningful "accomplishments" in just three months. (shrug)

I start college in two weeks. I do need to get around to getting my books one of these evenings. I think it might not be a bad idea to at least be able to recognize their covers so I know which ones to take to class. ;)

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