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"Most Peculiar"

Well, Chapter Seventeen is in the books. Didn't trim a lot of words off the total (a mere 208 words), but rearranged a section in the middle of the chapter, putting more emphasis on Raven's relationship with her unwanted apprentice Alexis. Raven knows she's in over her head now and there's nothing left to do but go for broke.

I'm actually surprised the writing went so well today considering the idiocy at work. No, I didn't have any rude techs or anything like that. It was just one unusual question after another. Normally, after lunch, it's pretty quiet, just monitor the system until I have to write the afternoon reports. Well, today, I wanted to listen to a CD. No big deal. Seems every five minutes, either someone was calling looking for Bruce (the other guy I work with), who was at the other building, or else people were asking me to do odd things like "can you take a group of screen shots and paste them into a Powerpoint presentation for me. I'd like a collage of all the various things the system can do."

That isn't "quite" in my job description, but there was no logical reason I "couldn't" do it. Then people started coming over and saying "Hey, it'd be a great screen shot if you could do (x)." Well that'd be great if I knew how to do (x). I don't play with the actual program as much as I probably could. I spend more time monitoring the input/output than playing with the interface. Maybe when the other person starts on Monday for the Analysis Center I'll be able to spend more time getting intimate with the system, especially the upgrade. I'm still trying to learn about the "operational system".

Needless to say, I took a bunch of screen shots and now they want to use each shot as an individual PP slide instead of a collage. Whatever makes them happy.

wishweaver and I went out to Mad City Coffee after dinner to get some writing in (for me) and studying (for her). She's trying to get prepped to take the CISSP exam this fall and is a "tad" nervous about it. I thought it might be nice to get out for a bit rather than having the usual house-related distractions. The carrot cake was outstanding tonight, but that wasn't the neatest thing I found. One of the featured coffees tonight was "Blueberry Cobbler". It actually smelled like blueberries and there was a faint blueberry taste to the actual coffee. I don't think I'd want to drink it on a regular basis, but it was a very nice change of pace treat.

Think I'll hit the sack early tonight. Need to get my self-assessment done tomorrow. Bleah.

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