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Writing and Roommates

Dragon*Con is 17 days away.

I'm still debating whether or not to try and find a roommate for the convention. I'm staying at the Amerisuites, about a block and a half away from the convention hotels. It's not like I can't afford to stay in the room by myself, but it might be nice to split the costs with someone else (more money for the dealer's room and the bar . . . "Priorities, man!"). Although, at this late date, I don't think there are many people going to the show who don't already have lodging identified. Oh well, either way, I wouldn't be chuffed.

Went through the big "dramatic" chapter tonight with a fine tooth comb. Even though the official record will show I trimmed 302 words from the chapter, that doesn't quite describe it. Sections were rewritten with reckless abandon, paragraphs trimmed out and others inserted in their place, weak phrases propped up or pruned away and in general, it was made into a much better chapter.

kradical posted the S.C.E./C.o.E. listing for 2007 on his journal. Congratulations to meharet and to terri_osborne for getting picked up! Great job you two.

Current Harbinger final draft status:
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
47,549 / 100,000
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