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Short Chapter

Well, didn't get as much done as I had hoped tonight on Harbinger, but I did get Chapter Thirteen done. Luckily, it was a short chapter, so it went pretty quick once I got going. Took another 304 words out. Considering the finished chapter is now only 2217 words, I'm going to look at parts of Chapter Fourteen and see if any of it would make sense moving it into Chapter Thirteen or if a short chapter is appropriate here.

I've noted a lot of my chapters tend to be rather short. I tend to go between 2800 words to 4000 words for a chapter, (obviously this one is a tad shorter than that). At roughly 250 words a page when it's printed, a 2200 word chapter will only go 9 pages, which is quick, although I have read books where the chapter is only a page. I wonder some times if the chapters are a little choppy because they're short. I know people will say, a chapter ends where it ends and not to worry about an arbitrary number of words. Still, I wonder if readers prefer shorter or longer chapters or does it matter.

Yeah, I know, more stuff to obsess over instead of obsessing about finishing the book. Sigh.

Our roommate, mollymorrison had a friend come up tonight, and I introduced her to Rurouni Kenshin (one of my favorite anime series). We watched the first two DVDs tonight and I think I've corrupted another new anime person (cue diabolical laughter here).

18 days left to complete 15 chapters. Going to be close.

Current Harbinger final draft status:
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
44,360 / 100,000
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