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Editing tricks

wishweaver and I began editing Coventry tonight. We only managed to get through the first four chapters, but it was a pretty profitable edit. Several people had recommended reading your draft aloud and noticing where the words didn't sound "natural". We tried that tonight and it really became obvious where I needed to go back and make some changes or else add a little information into the story.

That's the problem with a series as well developed as the Starfleet Corps of Engineers as a writer. I know things about the characters or the series that a casual reader (like Wish) might not understand or catch on a first read. So, she can ask why I said this or had the character act like that, pointing out an area I probably need to develop more. Very useful! We'll try to go through the rest of what I've got done by the weekend and I'll make all the corrections on Saturday.

Took a little longer than I thought it would to give the story a good going over, so I got a late start on my writing. However, I think it must have inspired me a bit. In about an hour, I've knocked out 1356 words on the story tonight. We're starting down the home stretch!

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