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Went to one of the local coffeehouses this evening to get some work in. It was nice and quiet in there, just the counter staff and me. Unfortunately, I didn't get there until almost 8pm and they closed at 9, so I only got one chapter red-lined tonight. I did a massive rewrite on the chapter though, so I think it was a well-spent hour.

Finished the typing of Chapter Two of Harbinger tonight. Apparently the "Red Pen of Doom" (patent pending) turned into the "Battle-Axe of Red-Lining" overnight. I chopped 969 words out of the chapter and I think it flows a lot better. Reading it out loud, I found a few phrases that looked good typed but sounded "just wrong."

I leave for FantaSci on Friday. Meeting Tee Morris south of D.C. and then carpooling together down to Chesapeake, VA. Sometime this week, I need to prep my questions since I'm moderating two panels there. It looks like dzeytoun will be meeting us down there for the show. One of these days, when he finishes working on those non-fiction books, I hope he gets back to the fantasy story he started several months ago. I'm REALLY curious to see what happens next (so far, I've only read the first chapter in our writing group).

Taking a break from listening to Anime soundtracks tonight. I have my Live365 set to In Dark Faith Eternal. A very nice change of pace from my usual listening habits. Not 100% a fan of the heavier goth music, but I can get into this "darkwave" genre.

Anyway. . . time for bed.

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