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Writing and Scotch

Now, I'm not saying writers and drinking go together . . . but I only had a few shots left in my bottle of Glenlivet 18, so I decided I'd start writing and keep writing until it was gone. Well, I finished Chapter 21 tonight and I think it wraps up a loose sub-plot rather neatly. I have to make one more reference to it, but that's a few lines a couple of chapters from now.

Subplots can be very useful, but they can also be awfully annoying little buggers. They have an ugly habit of not realizing they're not the stars of the show and demanding more and more time on stage. Now, there are times where a sub-plot has actually become the plot because it turned out to be alot more interesting once I got into it, but this particular sub-plot really needed to stay as was. So, after some cajoling, some bashing about the head and shoulders with a shinai and a judicious talking to, it finally agreed to stay a sub-plot, (this time), but insists I leave a little bit of an opening for it to reappear should Harbinger ever do well enough to justify a sequel or two.

Heh, listen to me. Haven't even sold this one and already I'm having delusions of sequels. ;)

Now, we enter crunch time. As I said last time, five chapters to go, nine chapters to condense.

(Time to go sharpen the weed wacker and the hedge trimmers. There's some pruning that needs to be done.)

Oh, and before I go, I highly recommend checking out The Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy #16. Tee discusses moderating panels at conventions, but it's the WTF session this time that really seals the deal for me. I was on the initial panel he discusses and was caught in the middle of the crossfire. It definitely ranked up there with the Panels from Hell I've been on before. Definitely top five . . .

Current Harbinger rewrite status:
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