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Moving along

Got another chapter rewritten for Harbinger tonight. I'm working on the chapters in the evening, and going over and making more edits at lunch on stuff I've already done. Hopefully, by the time I reach the last chapter, I'll be able to add in these extra edits and we'll be (mostly) done.

I've been spending some time the last couple of nights catching up on some podcasts. I've been listening to The Dragon Hearth by Tracy and Laura Hickman, The Dragon Page: Cover to Cover by Evo Terra and Michael R. Mennenga, I Should Be Writing by Mur Lafferty and The Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy by Tee Morris. The weekend was pretty much, listen to a podcast, do some writing, listen to another podcast, do more writing.

Speaking of the weekend . . . went to see X3 this weekend. I have mixed opinions about it. They got some things right, but as I was afraid, when you keep expanding the ensemble, especially when you only have a 94 minute movie, everyone is going to get short shrift. I'm going to avoid spoilers for the six people who haven't seen it yet. I really, really hated how they "wimpified" Rogue in this one. Kelsey Gramer was a wonderful Beast though and they did get "Oh, my stars and garters" in there, which elicited a cheer from the comic geeks in the audience. And yes, the easter egg at the end of the credits was worth the wait.

So, I'll give X3 3 of 5 but with 30 more minutes, it might have been a really good movie instead of just an adequate one. Will I see this one again in the theater? Probably not. This one will wait until the DVD release around Christmas. Also, I saw the advertisements for the upcoming movies. Should I be worried that "My Super Ex-Girlfriend" has better previews than "Superman Returns" does? There was nothing in that trailer that made me want to see the Supie movie. However, "Ghost Rider" looks kick-ass. Please, please, don't let me down.

Oh well. Back to the editing grind.

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