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Another exciting day!

It was a pretty good day today. Still working on getting the Monthly Status Report out at work (sigh), but it shouldn't take very long to finish up tomorrow. It's just one of those lovely tasks I have to deal with that I won't miss when I move to the next contract. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to get out of the tech writing business and do some more analytical work on my next assignment.

Been busy working on Coventry this evening. Even with fun things like laundry, setting up the new dehumidifier, making dinner, etc, I still got 1613 words done this evening. My wife made suggested edits to the first six chapters. We're going to go over them tomorrow night, so I can get a little ahead on the editing/rewriting on this story. We were going to do it tonight, but she was working with mollymorrison on her story on the other computer.

Had a little shock tonight. Opened the calling card bill and saw my carrier was charging me over $1 a minute for the calling card. (eeek!) A little time on the phone with them and all of a sudden my bill dropped from $70+ to about $11. This makes the second month in a row they've screwed up the calling card bill. If it's not straightened out by next month, I'll be looking for a new company. I know for most things, I can just use the cell phone, but there are times, like when I'm at work and cell phones aren't allowed, where using the card is simply more convienent. Plus, I don't feel right using "business" phones to make personal calls, unlike some of the people I work with. (sigh)

Think I'll try going to sleep before 1am for once.

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Web Site of Note: Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection University of Texas Libraries - A highly useful site for writers. If you're a geography geek like me, you'll really enjoy this.

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