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Coventry Update

Balticon ended with another good note. Echoes of Coventry is now available from and

Spent time this evening working with April on Shattered Mirror. It's starting to come together well. I really like the ideas she came up with for the prologue to the book. I think it sets the perfect tone to the entire story. I'll be doing some editing on the first few chapters while she's working on the next one. Then she'll be editing while I'm working on the one after that. Once we have those done, the first arc of the story should be just about set.

Did a rewrite of the plot for Harbinger today. I think it's going to be a lot leaner and meaner once I get these next two chapters out of the way. I'm a lot happier with this new theme than I was the original. Got some typing in, but I'll post it next blog.
Tags: collaboration, corps of engineers, e-books, echoes of coventry, harbinger, shattered mirror, writing
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