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Balticon Schedule

Well, as promised (and much to my surprise), Balticon did post the schedule today. I'm a little surprised that one panel I suggested was accepted, but I'm not doing it. Not, that I mind, I do have a fairly full schedule, but . . . (shrugs).

Also, I am not currently scheduled to do a reading. With "Echoes of Coventry" coming out any day now, I thought it'd be cool to do a reading from it, but I guess they couldn't work in everyone who wanted to do a reading.

Oh well.

But, for those coming to the show, here's where I'm going to be:

Panel Name
Friday 9:00pm Enter the Hobbit: Martial Arts in SF Eric Raymond, Ric Frane
Friday 10:00pm Arrr, Matey! It be a Pirate Panel Tony Ruggerio(m), Patricia Bray, Michael D'Ambrosio,
Ray Ridenour, Tee Morris
Saturday 2:00pm Who Writes the Best War Stories? Douglas Fratz, Tom Krautman, David Sherman
Saturday 7:00pm Games as a Gateway to Literature Terilee Edwards-Hewitt(m), Debi Gilgenast, Georgia Horesh, Will McDermott
Sunday 11:00am Writing in Other People's Worlds: Media Tie-Ins TBA
Sunday 2:00pm Beyond Mansquito and Frankenfish Patricia Bray, Rober Chase, Mark Owings
Sunday 4:00pm Fantasy: Where Have All the Heroes Gone? Tamara Siler Jones, Marilyn "Mattie" Brahen, John C. Wright
Monday 12:00pm Nonhumans as Heroes Lawrence Schoen, Joy Ward

I will also be attempting to make the "Meet the Participants" event in Frankie and Vics, but that depends on how long it runs since I have two panels during that event.

Additionally, I may (?) be doing a signing, but they haven't posted who's doing the signings or when, yet.
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