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Weekends and decisions

Had a great time over the weekend. No writing accomplished (sigh), but we had a "Firefly" party.

I headed into Laurel, MD, Saturday morning and visited the Laurel Meat Market. Picked up some great looking Delmonico cuts of steak and immediately slapped some marinade on them and put them in the fridge for later that afternoon. Mixed up a mess of "camping beans" (which is a combination of regular pork and beans with ketchup, mustard, honey, black strap molasses and a little garlic thrown in). Put that on low heat and let them simmer for a while.

We watched the first Firefly DVD before starting the grill. Got everything going and set those steaks over the fire. OH MAN, the aroma alone nearly made me start drooling. Started applying my homemade BBQ sauce on them and just waited for those embers to do their thing. 1 Medium-rare, 4 mediums and 1 medium-well (I have to admit, I cried ruining a perfectly good steak by cooking it medium-well, but as the host, you gotta do what you gotta do).

Brought the steaks in to find a nice vegi tray and a fruit tray waiting along with fresh crescent rolls and a nice Sterling Reserve 2001 Cabernet Savignon on the table. I noticed there wasn't a lot of conversation at the dinner table for once. From the satisfied looks on people's faces, I think I did OK.

After dinner, we watched the 2nd Firefly disc as well as enjoying the Key Lime Pie we'd passed on earlier. We wound up the party around 12:45 Sunday morning. We offered to let our friends stay for the night, but they needed to get home. wishweaver and I watched the other two discs Sunday evening. There were a few sections she didn't care much for (the hypersonic weapon in Ariel didn't do anything for her and she really got squicked during "War Stories"), but other than that, I think she enjoyed the shows and now, I understand why a number of my friends were so hyped about this series. We went out and bought Serenity Sunday night and hope to watch it this weekend.

I had a talk with my Intro to Fiction instructor after class this evening, and she made a strong suggestion about my college career that scares the heck out of me. She recommended that I skip working toward my BA in English and apply either for the MFA in Fiction at John Hopkins or the PhD program in Creative Writing at UM-College Park.

Holy change of direction, Batman!

I have to admit, that thought scares me a bit. Although I'm doing very well at Howard CC (I'm in Honor's English) and I had straight A's at Anne Arundel CC in Computer Science when I was studying there in 1997-99 and I did pass the Defense Language Institute's courses in Czech and Arabic and I did pass every military school I took with a 90% or higher and I'm not the same dipstick at 46 that I was at 19, I'm worried my old college GPA from CMSU is going to haunt me.

I'm going to need to contact the schools and see if I can get a pre-interview with the Department Chair. I'd like to sound them out about how they deal with non-traditional students before I waste a lot of time and money applying for programs that I have no chance of being accepted for.


I'm still having problems wrapping my head around jumping straight into a doctorate program, even if I could get accepted. Although, I have to admit, even the MFA would let me apply for some adjunct faculty positions (and I do love teaching). Hell, the PhD might even let me apply for a full-time teaching slot.

Wait, slow down there, White. Let's get this semester in the bag first.

Anyway, just to let you know, I'm really excited, scared and confused right now.

In other words, just another typical day at the ranch.

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