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Busy day

Didn't get a lot of writing done today, but we were out and about doing "family" stuff today. Had to pick up a new dehumidifier for the basement and outdoor lighting at Home Depot, some office supplies at Staples, then off to grab some lunch before the movie.

Caught "The Pacifier", which turned out to be a much better movie than I was anticipating. Even though, it had some definite links to "Uncle Buck", the John Candy movie, I thought Vin Diesel did pretty well with what he had to work with. Course, after being in the military for 15 years, I recognized his character in a number of my friends who were in or are still in. That whole "Sir, yes sir!" mentality is a frightening thing. I guess, coming into the military as old as I did (I joined at 25), I saw through a lot of the stuff they were doing to people at basic and then they spent two years teaching me to ask questions (as an analyst). By that time, it was too late to expect me to "jump to", once I finally got to my unit.

When I got out of the Army, someone asked my wife how long it took me to become a civilian. "Oh, about five seconds," was her reply. While that might have been an exaggeration, it wasn't by much. Now, I won't say there aren't days that I sorta wish I was still in and I do have ways of doing things and acting that are right out of that darn movie I saw today, but when I came home, I took off the uniform and the "rank" and was quite comfortable with my "civilian"-ness. Some people, esp. senior NCOs and Officers never seemed to be able to take off the rank, even when they were off duty. Maybe it was their way of coping or perhaps they were more into the warrior mentality than me, but to me, it was like there were two me's. My wife said, she did note that I held myself differently when I was in uniform than when I was in civies. (shrug) I wasn't a bad soldier, I just wasn't one 24/7 if I could avoid it.

After the movie, took an old clock I'd gotten from my grandparents in to get fixed. Apparently, according to the shop, this clock was made around 1903-1910. Going to cost me a pretty penny to get it serviced/fixed and it'll be five months minimum before they can get to it, but it's worth it to me. It's one of the few things I have from the grandparents and I'd like to pass it to my grandkids someday.

Helped monitor a monthly chat my wife hosts once a month with her yahoo group, so I didn't get as much writing in this evening as I had hoped. I hit 1090 words tonight but I was hoping to get a little more done. Course, I'm always hoping I'll get some more done. I'm greedy, what can I say. ;)

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
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Music listened to: ALI PROJECT - "Coppelia no Hitsugi" - Noir OST I

Web site of note: Merekat Creations An artist pointed out to me today. REALLY nice work. I'd love to have her do a cover to one of my stories.

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