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Houses and Furniture

There are times I think all architects should have to live in the houses they design.

We have a nice house, lots of floorspace, etc.

However . . .

Whoever the genius was that designed this house with a wall only 3 feet in front of the basement stairs and put a stairwell almost directly across from the front door should be hauled off and shot. Repeatedly. With REALLY BIG BULLETS!

Can you tell I didn't enjoy moving my couch and love seat out to the garage last evening after class. Especially once we proved we couldn't move them to the basement for storage. Sometimes moving furniture is just a matter of picking them up and carrying them from one room to the other. This was not one of those times.

I swear the next house we get is going to have more than sufficient door space (to facilitate moving furniture) and there will be nothing but open space in front of all stairwells and doorways.

There's a special layer in Dante's hell for idiot architects.
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