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Podcasting Part II

The first part of the day started out well. I made a run to a music store at lunch . . . well a couple of stores, but the second one was perfect for my podcasting needs. Picked up my headphones, microphone stand, wind screen and cables at Bill's Music Store in Catonsville, MD. Great store and more than knowledgeable help. I'd be happy to patronize that store anytime.

That was the good part of yesterday. Then, it started getting weird. It took me a while to get home last night. I stopped to get the daughter's prescription, so I decided to cut across town instead of going back out to the main highways. That was a mistake.

(wishweaver = "You chose . . . poorly")

Yeah, no kidding. There was one intersection that was backed up. The people approaching the intersection opposite me kept pulling out to make left turns and sitting in the middle of the intersection, blocking any attempts for us to cross after the light had changed. It took six changes of lights before I was able to get through the intersection. It's a good think Car Wars is just a game. I'd be really tempted to add a few rocket launchers and a 7.62 mini-gun to my truck and eliminate some of these mouth breathers. (AARRGGHH!)

Once I finally made it home, the software I ordered from Cakewalk had arrived. So, I set up the microphone and uploaded the Music Creator 3 and then all hell broke loose on my computer. I had to reload and reboot and walk away and come back and . . .

Luckily, Tee Morris came on line. Nothing like having one of the co-authors of Podcasting for Dummies as a friend. Tee talked me down off the ledge and after a couple of hours, we managed to get this puppy working. Thanks Tee, way to take one for the team.

Now, I doubt I'm ever going to need all the functionality that Music Creator 3 provides, but it looks like it's going to be a lot of fun to play with. I did manage to record five cuts of me babbling and managed to compile them in various orders, tie them together, and turn it into a coherent whole . . . well coherent as far as seamless. The content was rather "stream of consciousness" and was deleted immediately after I was finished playing for the sake of humanity.

But, I now have a working podcast system. I've packed everything away for now, until we finish cleaning the upstairs and I can get the "studio" set up the way I want it. Luckily, this set up is actually small enough, I could technically haul it to conventions and stuff to do portable podcasting. Then again, that's what I picked up the iRiver for.

Word of warning, I may be approaching some of the people I know on LiveJournal about their writing habits and techniques for some of my podcasts. Be afraid, be very afraid. (cue spooky music).

I'm going to amuse myself this afternoon watching some of the NFL draft, and joining in the usual chorus of K.C. Chiefs fans going "Who the heck is that, and why did we draft him?" I figure since it takes 15 minutes per team to draft in the first round (why, for the sake of sanity, why?), it'll give me plenty of time to work on CSD: Dragon Couchant. Plus, I think my family wants to drag me out to a movie this evening. I can console myself over the Chiefs drafting ineptitude.
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