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Podcasts and progress

When I arrived home, I found my package from the Musician's Friend here. Let me say, as an unsolicited testimonial, great prices, shipping and good communications. I would (and may) shop with them again anytime. I received my M-Audio Moble Pre USB Pre-amp and Audio Interface and the Marshall MXL990 Microphone I ordered at Ravencon. Also, checked in with Fed-Ex and my Cakewalk Music Creator 3 program to begin recording and editing my podcast should be here tomorrow. I'm going to take my time getting the first official one pulled together, but I hope to be podcasting by Balticon.

And while on the subject of podcasting, I listened to The Kissy Bits and The Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy tonight. Tee Morris has a great section dedicated to the nefarious Lori Jareo and her attempt to out-Lucas George (I have a lawyer on retainer and I'm not afraid to use him) Lucas himself. I tipped Tee off to the wonderful rant in kradical's blog and some others and Tee was gracious enough to post links to these rants on his blog site. Personally, I think an interview with Krad on this subject would have been highly entertaining, but there wasn't enough time to pull it together, although Tee does make his personal feelings known also. Please check out these two podcasts if you haven't already.

I'm about halfway through putting together an outline and dramatis personna for a project for a small press company, after a couple of conversations I had with an SP editor at Ravencon. It's been a nice diversion, and to be quite honest, it's a good story, but I don't think it's really too commercial, so small press is probably where it belongs. I figure, what the hell. I'll knock out a synopsis, cover letter, outline and three chapters. If it gets picked up, great. If it doesn't, great. I really like the story, but I'm trying to be very realistic about it's chances. More to follow (hopefully).

I did get some writing in this evening. I knocked out another 1398 words on CSD: Dragon Couchant. It felt good to get back to the Endless and share a drink or two with my privateers. Hopefully, since my deadline is approaching, I'd like to get this puppy put to bed on time. Semester is almost over, and I'm only taking one class this summer, (English Comp II), so hopefully, I can make this summer productive.

Well, I found out from my Creative Writing instructor, I have a solid A in the class so far, with three papers to go. Keeping my fingers crossed there. I need to finish editing/rewriting my Intro to Fiction papers over the weekend, so I can concentrate on my paper on A Midsummer's Night's Dream Act V, which is the last paper I owe for that class.

Current CSD: Dragon Couchant status:
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
27,653 / 95,000
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