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Ravencon Day 0

Came down early to help Tee Morris with a visit to a local High School. We're doing two panels at the HS, one at 8:30 and the other at 10:20, so we have to be down in the lobby at 7am to get everyone loaded up and transported. Tomorrow morning is going to come WAY too soon.

The drive down to Richmond wasn't bad outside of a little traffic on 95 just south of DC. The beltway was a piece of cake, but for some reason, traffic was backed up for about 12 miles and then like magic it cleared up and I was able to make good time the rest of the way. Met some of the guests who're here early and had a great time visiting with them. I think this is going to be a fun convention as far as meeting new pros (some new to the game like me, some old hands).

Realizing that this is the first year for Ravencon, I'm going to try and keep a very understanding attitude this weekend. Having worked on a convention staff once before back in 1980 (Concentric 9.5 - long story), I know what looks good on paper somehow never quite seems to work out the way it should. Like when the Holiday Inn we were holding the convention at wanted us to set up the art show next to the pool.

Yeah. Does anyone ELSE see the inherent dangers there?

I'm a lot more understanding about a convention having growing pains. What I'm a lot more concerned about is Balticon. It's coming up next month and there's still no word about panels. A few of the people here are debating whether or not to cancel their hotel reservations because they haven't heard anything about whether they're going to be on panels or not, and they're not flying to Baltimore just to attend the show. With Balticon bringing in Neil Gaiman as their GoH, and with all the fans he's bringing along, this is not the time to be having a "headspace and timing" situation. I'm hoping they get this together and soon, because, with all the extra attention they're getting with Neil's visit, it's not the time to put less than their best foot forward running this con.

Also, I have two growlers of Celtic Fury, the Irish Stout I talked about last month, cooling here in the room. With a little luck, we'll be toasting a successful first day of the show tomorrow evening.

(Oh, did I mention to get to the first panel at the HS, we're meeting in the lobby at 7am? So, I have a 6am wake-up call? Damn, I feel like I'm back in uniform again. Sigh)


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Apr. 22nd, 2006 12:44 am (UTC)
*eyeroll* I love how you'll drag up at any time of day for a *convention*.

Maybe I should get one of your friends to call you every morning when it's time to get up for work. :-p
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