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Spring Cleaning

Remember how I thought I'd have Chapter Seven done this weekend? Heh.

Friday night, we met with our writer's group and reviewed four chapters (one per person). We knew, being Easter Weekend, it was going to be a light crowd. I had a lot of good feedback on Chapter Six. One of the other members noted that I'm writing CSD: Dragon Couchant in a real cinematic style. Which, given the fact it is an homage to the old 30's and 40's pirate movies, it's probably a good thing. There was one section that one of the authors thought could probably go, but Mike pointed out that was a cinematic way of telling the tale vice a more straight-forward novelization. If the book wasn't an homage, then it wouldn't have worked, but it made it feel like watching a movie. But, we agreed, if it looks like I'm going to be well over my self-imposed word count, then it's a scene that could possibly be sacrificed, but I'd need to move some of the information into an earlier section of the chapter since it foreshadows an incident later in the book.

We've spent Saturday and Sunday doing the spring cleaning around here. Not to say, we haven't been needing to do this, but man have we gone through a lot of stuff (and still have a lot of stuff still to go through). Right now, this is the first pass through in what was the den (now the guest bedroom). There are boxes there we've been hauling around since we got married back in 1991. We've had three sets of containers we've been filling up (one for charity, one for the shredder/recycling and one for the trash) and we've got lots of sacks filled for each.

I'm trying to be ruthless, but I know I really need to go back through a bunch of the stuff we've been going through. I've tossed old correspondence when I first started this writing stuff back in 1992, my 3rd, 6th, and 8th Grade report cards that I had forgotten my folks gave me when they sold their house, art work I picked up at comic conventions back in the 90s that I liked, but really don't need to keep any more, etc. I've started going through the library and identifying books that are going to go to the used book store (hey, if they'll give me .10 for them, that's better than them going in the trash). Heck, I've started dumping some of my old military equipment that I've kept around just in case I ever went camping with my daughter's Girl Scout troop.

But, I know, there's still stuff there that if I was honest, I'd still need to get rid off. The stuff like the comics I don't really want anymore or the old CCG stuff, I'm not certain what to do with it. I mean, I could take it to the local comic store and see what I can get, or else I could try to e-Bay some of the better stuff. Or, I could accept the fact that some of this stuff is really just newsprint and cardboard and just toss them out. Eww! I can't believe I said that . . .

To treat myself these past two nights, I've been watching an anime called Divergence Eve. I wasn't sure if I was going to like it, the first episode is tre' weird, but I finally watched the first five episodes and I think it's starting to grow on me. wishweaver sorta-liked the storyline, but the "overly buxomed" young ladies annoyed her. Me? I figure it's just a little fan-servicing and try not to let it get in the way of the story. It's setting up a pretty good mystery and I'm curious to see what they do with it. (I think the first episode was really from the middle of the series and then the second to fifth episodes were filling in the back story.)

I picked up a used copy of All-Purpose Cultural Cat-Girl Nuku Nuku the other day as well as a used copy of Cutey Honey. So, between those and Banner of the Stars and finishing the last bit of Love Hina, I should be just about caught up with the anime I have on hand. Cool! An excuse to put in that order for the third boxed set of You're Under Arrest.
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