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Writer's Housekeeping

Bleah. . .

Got some writing done on CSD: Dragon Couchant but not enough to justify posting it here tonight. I'll try and do some more work on it tomorrow and we'll see how it turns out. Also looked over Shattered Mirror and need to finish up Chapter 2 soonest before April comes hunting me down.

I got my Bio off to Balticon this evening, finished up my Dragon*Con application (which I need to mail out tomorrow) along with my Archon application. Renewed my Livejournal account, reserved my hotel room for Dragon*Con (gotta love Amerisuites), talked to Tee Morris about Ravencon and took my daughter out tonight to pick up Kingdom Hearts II at EBGames.

Also dealt with a bunch of e-mail that had been piling up in my in-box as well as paying for an iRiver MP3 player I bought in anticipation of using it to do interviews for my possible foray into podcasting.

So, it was a productive night, but I didn't quite accomplish everything I wanted to.

You know, like "write"?

Oh, did I mention it was almost 80 degrees in my office today and they haven't turned on the A/C yet. . . Nothing like coming back to a sweltering, no-window office right after lunch and trying desperately not to fall asleep in front of my computer screen.
Tags: chronicles of the sea dragon, conventions, podcasting, shattered mirror, writing
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