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Lunacon Wrap-up

Got checked out of the room with minimal problems, outside of the fact that everyone and their uncle was getting on the elevators above us. We had to let seven elevators pass before we could finally find one we could squeeze onto.

The first panel I got to was the Agenting panel. Lucienne Driver was the only panelist to show up (which would become a running theme through the day), but she had a lot of good information to put out, which tied very well into the contracts panel she was on the day before. I missed the first half dealing with check out, unfortunately. She responded to my questions on the panel and then very graciously took a couple of questions out in the hall afterward.

11am was the Byron Preiss panel. Two of the three panelists made this one, and it was a rather disjointed panel. Byron was a rather polarizing person. The general consensus was that Byron was a man with a lot of great ideas, lots of enthusiasm, a generally nice person and a really bad businessman. Lots of people got started in the business thanks to Byron, but most had to leave BP to become successful because it was such a pain in the tookus to get paid on time, much less get paid at a standard industry rate. It was a very bittersweet panel in a lot of ways.

I caught the Goth Music panel at noon, wanting to do some research on the subject for April's and my project Shattered Mirror. Again, only one panelist showed up for the panel. The moderator was very well prepared, with a list of questions to ask, considering he wasn't up on current trends in Goth music (he had been a fan in the 90s, but had been out of the scene for a while). Unfortunately, the other two panelists didn't show up. I really felt sorry for him, because most moderators weren't quite that well prepared. The good part was one of the audience members was pretty up on the scene and volunteered to come up and help out with the panel. I learned some new stuff, but I think if the moderator had been able to question a panel, I would have learned a LOT more.

The last panel I went to was the Blogging for Writers and Artists. Very entertaining panel, we discussed blogging, does blogging give writers an excuse not to work, the fact that publishers LIKE their writers to have blogs to help make them a bit more accessible to their fans, that throwing out a controversial topic now and then helps drive hits to your blog (I'll probably pass on that advice. I prefer to keep this blog politic-neutral. I enjoy a good discussion, I don't argue politics in real life, I'm not going to put up with a flame war on my blog.) We discussed editors and agents who blog (Miss Snark and agentobscura were specifically mentioned.) All in all, a lot of good information in a little bit of time.

Afterward, I went up to the bar area and listened to a very nice singer performing while I was waiting for dzeytoun to get done with his last panel and then we escaped around 3pm.

However escaping New Jersey wasn't quite that easy. We stopped at one of the service areas on the New Jersey Turnpike to refuel my truck. We got there at 4:55pm. We finally reached the pumps and got filled up and left the service area at 6:35pm! 100 minutes to get gas. In-frappin-credible. There must have easily been over 100 cars backed up, counting those ahead and behind us. And when we reached the pumps, the attendants were in NO hurry to get us in and out. I love the fact in NJ that all the service stations are full service, but sometimes it can be a pain in the arse.

Took today off from work. Revised my earlier response papers for my Intro to Fiction class and prepared for the mid-term. I now have 10 response papers from my classmates to review and critique over the next two weeks along with 100 pages of text and 10 poems to read for class next week. Piece of cake, right?

<-whine>Someone want to remind me why I went back to college?</endwhine>

At least I think I did pretty well on the mid-term. (crosses fingers)

Oh well, vacation's over. Back to the salt mines.
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