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Random acts of plotting

Wow, did I NOT understand my writing assignment for Tuesday night. Ouch!

Now, what I wrote was pretty good according to the instructor. However, I missed the idea behind what he was looking for. Apparently what I wrote was somewhere between a collection of vignettes and a collage piece. However, the assignment was for a collage piece. Mine was too linear and way too "story" like, as opposed to the more staccato style of a true collage. After listening to the first couple of stories read in class, I realized I'd completely misunderstood what the assignment was, but rather than take a zero for the class, I gamely swallowed my pride and read my story. I did get a some compliments on it and what was useful was the discussion on how it could be edited into a collage piece. However, since I'm not required to do rewrites, I think I'm going to concentrate on the future projects and just take my lumps.

As you might know, wishweaver is known to dabble in fanfiction. She really hasn't enjoyed the last two Harry Potter books compared to the earlier ones. Also, she's not very fond of the "Harry in Azkhaban" fanfics that are generally posted on fanfic sites because most of them require everyone else to completely act out of character.

So, as I getting ready for class, I came up with a plot for a novella (about 8 chapters) that dealt with both of her hang-ups and she agreed, it handled them VERY nicely. Now, I don't plan on writing this, but if she ever decides to take a break from doing some original stuff, she's got a nice little plot bunny to follow that won't be quite as involved (nor as long) as "Realizations".

Also, I've kicked around two more fantasy plot ideas. I'm just writing them down for now to save for later. I've already got too much stuff on my plate now that I want to write to add MORE stuff. I think I could probably adapt them to fit in the world of Harbinger if I can sell the first one. Gotta love plot bunnies, as long as you don't chase them too heavily until after you finish the work already under development. It doesn't do a lot of good to develop plots for 100 books if you never write any of them.

Ideas are easy, writing is a pain in the . . . I mean, writing is fun, right?

(cue crickets)

OK, writing is work, just like shoveling asphalt or teaching a class. But, it's work that I can't see myself NOT doing the rest of my life.

I have to go write some stuff now, as soon as I get done listening to The Kissy Bits. I'm meeting with my writing partner tomorrow night via Skype and I better have some progress on Chapter Two to show her.
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