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I'm trying to finish up editing Chapter 2 of Harbinger. Didn't get as much done as I had expected while my daughter was at Fidos for Freedom. Ran into a gentleman who was doing some editing also, but he works at NASA and was "refereeing" a paper on Dwarf Galaxy UCG-5247 (or something like that . . . I mean, names like that are so easy to recall ;) ). We discussed the editing process for scholarly papers vs. novels and then we began discussing other things.

Turns out, he was in the Army like me, although, he had been in the Israeli Army during the Six-Day War. Surprisingly, our war experiences were very similar. He arrived with his unit on the Golan Heights just in time for the last day of the war. Spent the day sitting in a foxhole watching the Syrians down in the valleys and then the war was over.

I went into Iraq with the 101st during Desert Storm, arriving just in time for them to call a halt to the war before we "jumped" to Tallil Airfield with 2nd Brigade. Part of me was pleased everything went so well and it was over, but part of me was a little upset. "C'mon! I spent six months sitting in Bedouin Bob's Rent-a-Tent and now you're telling me that's it? What the heck was the point of me coming?" O.K., I realize that's not a rational response, but nobody ever said soldiers were rational creatures.

(wishweaver - "Hear, hear!)

So, even though I didn't get as much done as I had hoped this evening, it was still quite interesting.

Also, my poem, to my great surprise, was well received by the class (and even better) by the instructor. If anyone is really interested, I'll post it here (behind a cut . . . no sense traumatizing casual viewers with my schlock). Now I have to write a "collage paper". I've already come up with a working title for it, which is appropriate considering my earlier conversation. It's tentatively titled, "Insubordination". (An apt description of my military career.)


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