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A strange little month it has been

I haven't entered a lot of stuff this month, but I've been busy. I am writing, just not necessarily writing new fiction. I've turned out four research papers for my Intro to Writing class, and written two flash fiction stories and two poems for my Creative Writing class. The past week I've been working on the proofs for Echoes of Coventry. I just mailed the minor corrections for that back to kradical.

Also, I've just gotten back some more feedback on The Demon's Head and hope to have it whipped into shape and start shopping it around by the end of March. I'm beginning the edits to Harbinger of Darkness and am on Chapter two there. Also, I'm working on Shattered Mirror with my friend, April and with a lot of help from wishweaver.

Plus, I need to get the proposal for a novel out the door to the editor before he forgets who the hell I am. ;)

I am getting some stuff done on Chronicles: Dragon Couchant, but right now, the editing of these other projects seems to be absorbing a lot of my time. February has been more of a maintenance month than a creative month.

Oh, yeah, somewhere in there, I'm actually working as a tech writer/editor also. I knew I was getting checks for some reason every month . . . ;)

I'm trying to work on a schedule to try and get this other stuff done AND keep producing new stuff too. Keep your fingers crossed.


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Feb. 28th, 2006 09:19 am (UTC)
God's Teeth! Another techwriter.
Feb. 28th, 2006 09:56 pm (UTC)
Someone has to try and translate all that computer geeky stuff.

There are days when I think I was less stresed being a soldier than dealing with these guys. But, I must admit, being a TW/E does pay a lot better than being a Sergeant First Class.

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