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Dipping my toes in the Y.A. Universe

Well, we're back to writing on something other than college stuff. Along with editing Harbinger and The Demon's Head, I'm now writing Chronicles of the Sea Dragon: Dragon Couchant and Shattered Mirror, a Y.A. fantasy with April MacDicken and with a great deal of assistance from wishweaver.

Yes, I know, that's all I need, another frackin' project.

Well, I've never tried collaborating on a project before. Yes, I know I have a split writing credit with Steve Roman on "Assault on Avengers Mansion" for The Ultimate Hulk anthology. However that was a little different because Steve was already a writer/editor, so I was very much the student. (yes, I know, cue the Darth Vader music.) The situation has changed somewhat since 1997 when we started working on that project, plus there's a slight difference between collaborating on a short story and a novel. For one thing, it's a longer time period involved which means more potential pitfalls if the lines of communication aren't kept open. Luckily, April and I have been friends since 1989, so talking honestly to each other is not a big problem.

She's finishing up the first chapter, while I'm starting work on the second chapter. We're alternating the first four chapters and then starting with Chapter Five, we're going to start working together on the chapters. Who's going to write what, we're not sure yet, but we're going to coordinate and plot out each chapter before we start writing it.

So, hopefully, there'll be two bars showing progress here on the blog in the near future. As April completes her sections, I'll be posting her progress/my progress and the books progress. We'll probably get seriously started on this after Farpoint (somehow, I don't think I'm going to get too much done over the weekend (although, I've been surprised before)).

Rich's progress on Shattered Mirror:
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
1,375 / 100,000
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