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Had to take a day of sick leave. Not quite certain what was wrong, but as usual, I had to sleep it off. Finally woke up around 1pm today.

Didn't accomplish a lot, outside of simply recovering. Although, I did find the Encore Action Channel is playing Combat. Had a great time watching the old shows and remembering when TV shows used to trumpet Combat! Now in Color. Wow.

That takes me back to 1968 when we got our first color TV from Sears. We were one of the first families in our church to have a color TV. We used to generate a large crowd at our house right after church on Sundays as a bunch of our friends from church would come over so we could watch the Chiefs games in color.

There's no way to even explain it to the daughter-unit. We've had two TVs in this house since she was old enough to notice (one of them was an old beat up portable that's still in use as her PS2 monitor). I think it's easier for me to understand my father talking about huddling around the old radio listening to Red Ryder or The Lone Ranger than for my daughter to believe they didn't used to have video tapes of movies you could own when I was her age.

OK. Now I've officially made myself feel tired, sick and old.

I'm going to bed.

Updates on CSD: Dragon Couchant tomorrow.
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