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Movies, Podcasts and Mayhem . . .

Went out with some of the daughter-unit's friends from Girl Scouts to check out Hoodwinked. I know the reviewers hated it. That told me I'd probably love it, and I did. It's not a deep, change your vision of the world movie, nor does it pretend to be. It's a Sunday afternoon, let's pop some popcorn and have fun movie and you know what? There's not a damn thing wrong with that. Without going into spoiler territory, I thought the story was pretty well woven together and the characters, while over the top, meshed well together in the "Land of Make-Believe". They left themselves open for a sequel or two and I hope they do.

If you liked Hoodwinked, then you really need to check out the Max Hamm, Fairy Tale Detective comics. They're a spoof on the old Sam Spade/Thin Man style of detective novels and he's done them to look like the old Golden Books. They're well drawn, have a great story and are just fun. I can't recommend them enough.

Spent part of this evening catching up on some podcasts, downloading some new ones from The Dragon Page. Everyone and their uncle doing SF/F writing podcasts recommend this show, so I'm going to start checking them out. From what I've heard, it ought to be quite a blast.

Also, started reading the Podcasting for Dummies book. This is a book I'm going to need to read through a few times, but that's not because the book isn't well done. It certainly is. But, I'm not a technophile. I'm not a technophobe either, but I'm not one of those who just reads the instructions once and off we go, down the yellow brick road. If anything, I'm what would have been called in the old days of computing, a hacker. In other words, I play with stuff until it does what I want, OR I figure out why it's not working, OR tech support has to come and fix my computer again.

For some reason in my last couple of offices, everyone seemed to think I was some sorta "guru" when it came to computers, or Word, or Powerpoint or something. No, I think it was because I wasn't afraid to "try" something with the computer. It was like the others wanted a step-by-step instruction manual for how to do stuff. Me, I start opening menu bars and windows and see what happens. Although the flashing red lights do get annoying from time to time.

Anyway, I think if I get a chance to play with the computer and some of the suggested (free) software, I might figure out this whole podcasting thing. At least, my computer is a little simpler than the control room we had back at the university radio station and I never blew up anything there. (That I know of, anyway.)

Plus, along with all this hilarity (and helping wishweaver with the laundry and watching the Broncos step all over themselves (HA!), I did get some writing done. I'm caught up with my transciption, adding another 2446 words to Dragon Couchant. I'm finishing up Chapter 3 and will hit Chapter 4 tomorrow night. Yes! I hope to get into Chapter Five before I start college on the 30th. Which reminds me, I need to swing by the school and pick up my books for next semester and get my id updated. May take a little time tomorrow morning before going to work.

wishweaver is taking some continuing education classes from two authors in the local area. One is teaching the basics of the business of writing while the other is teaching about writing children's stories. Between her classes, the new writer's group we've founded and the classes I'm going to be taking this fall, I'm getting a lot of good information/feedback that should come in handy.

Current CSD: Dragon Couchant status:
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10,759 / 95,000
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