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Podcasting, Writer's Groups and Other Writing Weirdness

Had a pretty good day today. As I mentioned on the 19th, we went down to watch Tee Morris do his podcasting seminar at the Apple Store at Tyson's Corner Mall in Tyson's Corner, VA. Got there plenty early this time and learned quite a bit. We picked up two of Tee's books while we were there, his Podcasting for Dummies book that came out in November (and they're already talking 2nd Edition . . . way to go, Tee and Evo!) as well as his sequel to Morevi, which appropriately enough is titled Legacy of Morevi. Not quite as honkin' big as Morevi was, but I think it'll be a good read also.

Tee's talking with me about doing something for I've got a few stories that I'm not certain where or if I could sell them (cross-genre is a pain in the tookus to try and sell since it just confuses the poor marketing department at most publishers), so this might be a fun exercise to see what I could do with them. Since all of published (or soon to be published) work is media tie-in stuff, I can't do anything with that, so I'm going to have to come up with something original before I could even consider doing the podiobook. It's not something that's going to happen right away, but, it does sound like an interesting way to "promote" something.

A group of us who've either met in person or on-line have formed a "virtual writer's group". The group serves a couple of purposes. One, it's goal is to encourage the members to post something every week. It could be new stuff or it could be the stuff we reviewed/critiqued at the last on-line meeting. The second thing is to get together in a chat once a week (at least for now) and go over what everyone has submitted for that week. Now, we know everyone can't be there every week (I'll be missing some sessions once convention season starts), but it seems to work better when you can have some give and take after the initial critiques.

As I said, the first critique session was Friday night. I think as we go along we'll understand what everyone is looking for in a critique. Some people want "high level" critique, while some people want "down in the weeds" critiques. We're not "beta reading" or doing line edits for each other, especially not at this stage in the game, but I found the feedback I received was very useful. Esp. since two of our members were more SF than Fantasy oriented and not really interested in pirates and sailing ships, so it took them a bit to get into my swashbuckling fantasy story. However, they had some good suggestions and areas they were confused, I'm going to go re-look, since just because I understand something doesn't mean my audience will. I'm not saying I'm going to "dumb down" the book, but when I discuss nautical terms/techniques/etc., I will ensure there's enough explanation to not lose my landlubber readers. Aarrgh!

Besides, reading and critiquing a number of different authors on a regular basis will help my writing. As I see things in their papers that jar me, I have no doubts I'll now see the same things in mine and try to avoid them.

Got in some good writing on Dragon Couchant tonight. I finished Chapter Two and am well into Chapter Three. This is even after watching another DVD of Noir tonight. I'm trying to balance my desire to write with my enjoyment of some of the new (to me) anime series I've been picking up. I added 2502 words and with a little luck (hah), I'll finish Chapter Three tomorrow. I wanted to have the first three chapters of this book done by the end of the month and I'm pretty comfortable that I'll reach that goal.

Also, I see The Survival Guide to Writng Fantasy, The Kissy Bits, I Should be Writing and The Writing Show have all updated recently. I need to spend a little time over the next couple of days listening to their newest podcasts.

Sigh, a writer's life is not a pretty thing. ;)

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