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Progress and Conventions

I decided to take some time off from proposal editing and get back to "writing" writing. However, the best laid plans of mice and men inserted themselves into my writing time. I have a ton of stuff "scripted" for Dragon Couchant, but I only managed to transcribe 1117 words tonight. While that's not too bad for about an hour's work, there's at least fifteen more pages of first draft to type up.

Maybe I'll get caught up this weekend, but it's better to know that I've got plenty to write than to face fifteen blank pages and wonder what the hell I'm going to put on them. Besides, the further ahead I can get now, the less guilty I'll feel once I have to slack off a bit when my classes start on the 30th.

I'm going back down to Tyson's Corner this Saturday to sit through another of Tee Morris's Podcasting Seminars at the Apple Store in Tyson's Corner Mall. Tee's trying to convert me into becoming a podcaster, but I'm not 100% convinced I have too much to add given the plethora of writing podcasts already. Although, being a writer/historian, I have a ton of research and reference suggestions/links/books/etc. I could talk about. (wishweaver is probably wondering what I'm worried about since I have no trouble pontificating on a normal day.) Even if I don't get into podcasting, I expect the seminar to be pretty interesting anyway. Tee'll be selling copies of his Podcasting for Dummies book there, so we're going to pick up a copy, so if I ever do decide to "take the plunge", I'll have a small clue what I'm doing.

I've heard back from Farpoint and Lunacon and I can say I'm going to be attending both of those conventions. So, my February (Farpoint), March (Lunacon) and April (RavenCon) conventions are set. Now to work on Balticon/Shore Leave/Dragon*Con/Archon. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available. Who knows, maybe I'll finally get around to updating my web site with the new information.

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