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The story that just won't die

I thought I was done with this story. But, after adding another 1506 words, there's one more chapter that has to be written now. Why is it the most straight-forward chapters seem to take the most words to make them work, while the convoluted, action-filled ones just fall together. Oh well. I still have tomorrow to get this thing done for Christmas. Besides watching a football game tomorrow, I really have nothing else planned. All the Christmas presents are wrapped and it's just a matter of countdown now.

:rubs hands gleefully:

Anyway, back to the story. I may be able to condense this chapter and the next one together in the second draft, but it just seems this is a natural break point. So, our heroine, Raven, gets one more chapter to strut her stuff before putting her into the drawer for a while.

Speaking of strutting one's stuff, the podioplay I participated in has finally been posted. A Broadcaster's Christmas Carol is available for your listening pleasure.

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