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Went to see Robots with the family this afternoon. Really had a great time with the show, it wasn't a heavy movie with lots of social commentary, but the comedy was nice, Robin Williams was his usual manic self and it was just a nice fun movie that my wife, daughter and I could enjoy.

Spent part of the day preping the house for the new flooring we're getting next weekend. Having hardwood flooring put down in four rooms and brand-new carpeting in three. They're going to move all the heavy stuff, but we have to have all the small stuff boxed up and moved before they get here. I'm rapidly running out of boxes, I had forgotten how much stuff we've accumulated.

Being in the Army, you tend to move every three to five years, so even if you "got" stuff, you also "got rid of" stuff before each move. We've been in this house nearly seven years, and along with buying the "good stuff" for furniture (no sense in getting really nice furniture if you're moving that often; only gets torn up). When we got here, we finally decided the "Early American Attic" we'd been using for a decorating style needed to go. So, each year, (usually right after tax time), we added something new to the house furniture-wise. One of the things we got several years ago was a nice entertainment center with matching curio cabinets flanking it. Well, if you have shelves, they get filled with those nice breakable things you can't let the military movers anywhere near. All those things had to be individually wrapped and boxed along with the DVDs, CDs, Videos, Albumns, 45s, encyclopedia, photo albums, etc., in the other shelves in the room. That's just the living room, eventually, we have to pack out the writing area with all the refernce books, 3-ring binders, computer programming books, computers, and all the rest of the stuff. Well, you get the idea.

I imagine the cats are going to have more problems adapting to the idea of hardwood floors than I will. Let's just say, a lot less traction for when they go ripping through the house.

Found an old childhood memory today. There's a Yahoo group dedicated to the Brains Benton books I used to read back in elementary school. My first attempt at a novel was based a great deal in part on the influence of Charles Spain Verral's books. I still have a copy of that old novel from 1972 hiding upstairs. One of these days, I may pull it out and see if it's salvageable. The plot was actually reasonable, but it reads like it was written by a 12 year old.

Barclay "Brains" Benton and Jimmy "Operative Three" Carson were a Holmes/Watson team I could wrap my mind around as a kid. Brains was just too cool, with his lab in the carraige house next door to his house, with the secret entrances, hidden staircases, trick mirrors, water pistols filled with lemon juice for disabling villians, etc. I may have to dig them out from upstairs and re-read them again.

Got started on Coventry, but have had a hard time focusing on the story tonight. Continuing to plow ahead though. Important thing is to get something on paper. I can always go back and edit out the stuff that doesn't work later. Still, I managed to knock out 1274 words tonight. Not quite certain if I want to end Chapter Four here, but it does seem to be a good spot. I'll review it tomorrow and either finish up the chapter tomorrow or start the next one.

Right now, I'm setting at 7028 words on Coventry out of 25k limit. I'll probably go well over 25K on the first draft. I figure better to overwrite and cut than having to pad at the end to reach my goal.

Web site of note: Brains Benton, which is a section of the Thrilling Detective web site. If you're a detective buff, whether it's YA detectives (Brains Benton, the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew), or a Dashell Hammett fanatic, it's worth a look.

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