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Gee, Toto, I don't think we're in the Midwest any more.

Got to love Maryland.

There was a threat of snow and winter mix conditions today, so they canceled school at noon. OK, I guess it makes since considering the lawyer/civilian population around here is way skewed toward the lawyers, the school systems can't take any chances, but it's just incredible to me. Being from Missouri, if there wasn't several inches of snow on the ground or ice already forming, school just didn't get canceled. Heck, I walked home in snow deeper than what they cancel school for around here (and I didn't live in town).

We did get a little (and I mean, a little) ice around 2pm, but it's 41 degrees outside now. No appreciable accumulation of snow, that's for certain.

But, being the dutiful father, I took a half-day of leave and picked up my daughter from school. At least, the afternoon wasn't a total waste as we did get the Christmas tree decorated (for the most part). We did run out of the little wire hangers for some of the ornaments, but all in all, I sorta like the more minimalist look of this tree.

I finished Chapter 33 of Harbinger tonight also, adding another 1229 words to the work. This was the big fight scene between Raven and her arch-nemesis, so I really took my time with it. I even acted out a few of the sword passes, with wishweaver as my captive audience. I think she's convinced I've lost what little sense I had left, but I caught a mistake I was about to make by acting the scene out, so I think it's better, even at the cost of a little embarrassment.

(Boy am I glad I learned how to fence left-handed though. One of the moves I wanted to do worked much better as a lefty than a righty. Might be why I made my protagonist left-handed.)

They offered fencing as a P.E. course at Central Missouri State, so I thought, what the heck. While we were lining up to get fitted for our foils and armor, I asked the coach if she had a left-handed foil and glove. She did have a few, so she fished them out for me (with a last name of White, there was only one person in line behind me). She handed me the foil to check it's length against my arm length and asked me to take a few practice swings, just so I could feel the balance.

After a couple of swings/thrusts, she stared at me and said, "You're not left-handed."

I acknowledged I was a righty.

"So, why do you want to learn how to fence left-handed?"

"Because there are 35 people in this class and everyone of them is right-handed. This way, I always get to practice against right-handers, but they only practice against me once every couple of weeks or so. I'm not the most athletically gifted person, so I need every advantage I can get."

And people wonder why I love the Princess Bride so much.

All I have left is the climax and the epilogue and we're done with this. Give it a little while to ferment and I'll get started on the first set of revisions. Then wishweaver can take her killer red pen to it. Then, I get to figure out what the next thing I want to work on. I keep hoping I'll hear something back regarding my other Star Trek novella proposal, but nothing yet. I think I work better under deadline than just writing on spec.

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