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More concerts and writing

My daughter's school concert was this evening. They had the 6th grade choir and orchestra and then the 7th/8th grade choir and orchestra. She's one of the sopranos in the 7th/8th grade choir. It was a nice little concert and the kids were enthusiastic. The only real problem was it went nearly 2 hours. While that's fine sitting in stadium seating in a theater, two hours is a long time in shoulder to shoulder conditions on metal folding chairs. Sigh.

I didn't get any work on Harbinger done today, but I did work on another project. I decided to start doing some work on Chronicles of the Sea Dragon. You may have heard me mention this as a comic, which I did produce one issue. I've also decided to turn it into a novel. So, since I had some slow time this afternoon (and didn't have Harbinger with me), I decided to work on it.
I knocked out about 2100 words on the first chapter. Course, I've been developing CSD since 1994, so it's easy to write about something I'm that familiar with.

I'm going to have to print out my WIP to carry with me, so when I have some free time, like at lunch, I can get some good work in.

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