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At least, I have an excuse this time

No, not much work done on Harbinger since the last time I posted. But, there is a reason. I have been working on a summary and a one-page writing sample for a potential publisher. Yeah, I know it's only two pages total, but I've been writing and re-writing and having other people read my writing and . . .(sigh). I don't want to go into too much detail (no sense in jinxing myself), but please, please keep your fingers crossed here.

Plus, semester is almost over. My Writing for TV and Radio class has it's final project and final this Monday and my final paper and in-class essay for English Composition I is 10 Dec. (the morning after the Mannheim Steamroller concert). So, that'll take a load off of my plate until 28 January.

As soon as I send the proposal out, I'll get back to work on Harbinger. I promise . . .
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