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More weirdness

Started getting over my cold Wednesday evening. Woke up Thursday morning with part of my face swelling. Apparently, I have a food allergy to something, but the doctors have never been able to figure out what. By that afternoon, the lower half of my face (cheeks and lips) had swollen significantly. Today was better and by this evening, things were pretty much back to normal.

I hadn't had a reaction like that in the last five years. And the weird part is, I don't recall eating anything I don't normally eat. That's what weirds the doctors out so much. There's no common vector that would explain my allergic reaction. If it happened more often, it might be easier to pin down, but it happens one year, then not for three, then twice in one year, then not again for five. Go figure.

My folks are up visiting from Florida for the week. Being scattered all over the country right now, it's always a treat when we get an opportunity to get together. Hopefully, the weather will clear up here this weekend so we can get down to DC and visit the memorials.

Got word from kradical that the line edits are in on Coventry. It's pretty much up to Paramount now, but he was reasonably pleased with the story. Now, it's just a matter of waiting.

I did get a chance to work on Harbinger tonight. Knocked out 2409 words to finish up Chapter 28. One more chapter and I'm back to where I was before the computer crash. Keeping the fingers crossed (and files backed up) this time.

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