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Spent Sunday evening finishing up my homework for the Writing for TV and Radio class I'm taking and then Monday night was the class itself. I turned in my radio news cast and we spent the rest of class talking about interviewing people. The object is to do about a 15 minute pre-interview (visiting with the person, asking them basic questions and getting them used to answering). After that, get back with them and do a five minute interview, trying to focus on one or two of the things they mentioned in the pre-interview. What we're looking for in a five minute interview is a good 13-16 second sound bite that really captures their emotion about the subject.

We were supposed to interview a relative, but since all my relatives live outside the state, Mr. Robinson suggested I try and interview someone at Archon, maybe someone who's into costuming or a guest (but not one of the guests of honor). I'm thinking this could be fun.

I have to start my first draft for Composition I tomorrow since I'm going to have to e-mail it to the professor by Friday night. I'm going to be at Archon instead of class this week. Luckily, the in-class essay we were supposed to write this Saturday has been pushed back a week, so I'm not going to miss it after all.

Speaking of writing, I did work on Harbinger tonight. I completed 1381 words on Chapter 28. Finish this chapter and the next and I'm finally caught up. I'm going to be so glad to finish this draft. Since I started working on Harbinger in November last year, I'm probably far enough away from the first chapters to begin re-writing right away, but I think I'm going to work on the Star Trek Novel proposal and another tie-in novel proposal, as well as finishing the re-write on the short story I finished back in June. After all that, I should be sufficiently wound down so I can start fresh.

Plus, I need to start working on my new Troublershooters, Incorporated graphic novel. If we can find an artist, I'm hoping to get an 80-pager out late in 2006. That, and I need to get into contact with Diamond and see about soliciting Chronicles for regular comic-book store sales. And there's that Battlecorps, thing I need to look into about writing.

Eeek. Not as impressive a list as kradical's, but then again, I'm not a full-time author either. (Not yet, anyway).

Oh, well, tomorrow night, Composition writing and packing for Archon. The plane leaves BWI at 0648, so I have to be there at 0-dark-thirty to be certain to get through security and stuff. What was I thinking?!?

Current Harbinger status:
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119,711 / 140,000

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